The Qu’Appelle Deanery is one of 9 deaneries within the Archdiocese of Regina.  Our deanery is comprised of 18 rural parishes and approx. 12 missions in an area northeast of Regina, Saskatchewan.   Please click on any of the buttons above for more information about our Deanery, or on any of the underlined links below for more information about a specific parish or mission (). 

Fort Qu’Appelle Region - Rev. Louis Kim Nguyen

Daily Readings from Catholic Online.

Lestock Region & Native Ministry

- Sr. Bernadette Feist

Day Star First Nation

Gordon First Nation  

Kawacatoose First Nation

† Little Black Bear First Nation

Muscowpetung First Nation

† Okanese First Nation


† Pasqua First Nation

† Peepeekisis First Nation

Piapot First Nation

Sakimay First Nation

Standing Buffalo First Nation

† Star Blanket First Nation

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